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Who Are We?


A-OK.NZ is an NZ provider of quality, internationally recognised training that equips people to be able to have life-supporting conversations.  

A-OK NZ has  partnered with internationally and nationally  recognised training providers that care about the mental and emotional safety of our communities.

Our Story

As a team, we have delivered Livingworks programmes across Aotearoa since 2004,  delivering well over 1000 workshops across different communities in New Zealand.

We started out with LIFELINE NZ and in 2017 became A-OK NZ to keep the delivery of the Livingworks programmes alive in NZ without government funding.  

After 2 years of lockdown, economic upheaval, and increasing uncertainty, in 2022 we are still delivering Livingworks programmes without government funding and have added to our repertoire of workshops to meet the reshaped needs across Aotearoa and the rest of the world.

Check out our timeline below, to follow our journey to where we are today as a provider of Distress Awareness, Mental wellness and Suicide Prevention training and licenses.

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Our Values

We believe anyone can have life-supporting conversations.

We believe in working together.  A-OK NZ works interconnectedly locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  A-OK NZ needs the support of local communities to partner in finding the best solutions for your community.

Developing community-led solutions to build life-supporting communities is a priority outcome for A-OK NZ. 

We believe that life-supporting conversations will anchor community-led solutions to build life-supporting communities.

A-OK NZ facilitations bring a cultural and NZ context to the training and  10+ years of training / practical  experience. 

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