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Trainer Licenses

12 Month Trainer Development Training

We offer 12-month licenses that include comprehensive training and support to ensure your trainers deliver with confidence, safety, and quality.

Mental wellness, health and wellbeing, and suicide prevention are critical components of your organisational Health and Safety / Diversity and Inclusion Training. With our programmes, your trainers can deliver these essential workshops to all your employees as needed.

Our programmes are available under two types of licenses:

  • Internal Trainer Licenses: Non-income generating, for internal use within your organisation.

  • Independent Trainer Licenses: Income-generating, for independent trainers who wish to deliver workshops externally.

Our programmes are available worldwide to workplaces, education providers, industries, sports teams and communities.

Programmes available for trainer licenses are:

We recommend you start with SCOPETALK

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World Health Organisation reports 

"In the first year of the pandemic global prevalence of anxiety, depression and distress increased by a massive 25% '.  The WHO are asking countries to step up their mental health and psychosocial support 

SCOPETALK provides a workshop that increases people's awareness to stress and distress and prepares them with a toolkit response to learn how to thrive during these times instead of just surviving.  A workshop that can be delivered by your very own Trainers through our well supported, Trainer Development Programme.

KPMG Research reveals that 94% of workers are stressed

Scientific Reports found that the following groups have reported high levels of distress over as a result of the pandemic.

  • 35% of Chinese plus 5% showed sever levels of psychological distress

  • In the UK, An increase from 18.5% to 27.7% of psychological distress during the first wave of the covid

  • In Spain, psychological disress was prevalent in 65.2% of respondents

  • In Australia, approximately 33% reported high to very high levels of psychological distress

  • In Italy, 43.4% presented moderate levels with 5.3 reporting severe levels.

  • In NZ, the proportion of New Zealanders with high levels of mental distress is trending upwards over time.


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