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A-OK Ambassadors are regional representatives who have volunteered to help bring         A-OK life-supporting initiatives into the 13 regions across New Zealand.  

Their key role is to:

     Raise awareness of life-supporting conversations for everyone 

     Promote the availability of workshops in your region & engage locally

     Build relationships with local funding sources and sponsorship        

     opportunities to enable your region to attend the workshops for free

     Build opportunities and events that spread life-supporting community -led              initiatives and events.

     Build a team of Ambassador supporters to further support their

     community-led solutions.

     Profiling different Acts of Kindness across their region to build life-supporting          communities

     Representing your community at our national meetings

     Amplifying a local voice that highlights community-led solutions to build life-          supporting communities and suicide prevention.

     Become a resource or connector to other local resources in your community

Benefits and Support

  • Be part of national team of ambassadors that meet three times a year. 

  • Receive free training from the A-OK workshop range

  • Receive weekly support from our National Communications Manager

  • Lead and guide the work we do in your region

  • The usual time committed to this role is 5-10 a month 

  • Be the first to hear of our newest workshop developments and community-led solutions.

  • An opportunity to become an A-OK trainer after 18 months of being active in your ambassador role.

  • An opportunity for employment as we grow together.

  • An opportunity to travel with our National Communications Manager as extra support and representation is needed.

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