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Welcome Ambassadors

This is a members only page.

Thank you taking up the opportunity to work with us to build life-supporting communities.  We believe in working with communities and believe the best way to do this is with community ambassadors.  Our country is in need of more community-led solutions, most of which are already in action.  We hope to identify these, develop these and be able to share them across the national table to help other communities in need of support.

A big part of your role is to also support us in the promotion and delivery of our workshops.  We need to be able to build a strong database of contacts and networks to promote the work we do in your community, to profile the role of the ambassadors and to grow the A-OK.NZ team across New Zealand.

On this page you will be able to access :


  • Promotional Brochure PDFs for the workshops 

  • Promotional Brochure PDFs of A-OK.NZ

  • Expression of Interest from to asist us in building a database that has a wide reach

  • Request for information

Ambassador Resources
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