Due to current Travel and social distancing restrictions, we now offer online training
Available for both public schedule training and private workplace / teams training

A-OK.NZ offers a continuum of support / helper skills to ensure you and your organisation, community, school, sports team, family and neighbourhood are fully equipped to be able to respond to someone who may be struggling with suicide or mental health concerns.

The range of workshops we offer works alongside the needs spectrum of support that people with mental health concerns or suicide risk may have. 

Most people needing support just want connection, someone to listen and help them talk their their situation - AWARENESS / CONNECTOR Training


Others may need a variety of help and extra support to keep them safe from harm.



Others may not have the capacity or energy to communicate or think past their concerning situation, this may require others to take over with the intentions of keep them safe from danger at all times.  SAFETY AIDERS TRAINING

Others may need support to work through their pain, grief or recent experience and re-integrated back into work, school, community, sports or just life. - GROWERS

See our training continuum above.

We currently deliver all these workshops

We do have Awareness Training, Connector Training and Safety Aider training available online. 

If you would like to request a private workshop for you and your organisation online, please enquire -

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Online training



60 min  AOK TALK Presentation

Lunch time sessions 12pm-1pm

Introduction to Suicide Prevention &

Life-supporting communities

$30 per person

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Checkmate Training - 3 hours

Connector Skills Training

Learn how to check in

$60 per person

Training Times 10am-1pm

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Suicide First Aid

2 x 3 hour Online

Safety Aider Training

The Schedule Timings below is:

Thursday 1pm-4pm

Friday 8.30am - 12pm

$120 per person

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ASIST Refresher

1 Hour Online

Applied suicide Intervention Skills Training

The Schedule Timings below is: