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Are your staff aware of healthy and unhealthy stress factors?

Are you noticing an increase in distress levels within your organisation?

Are you looking to improve your 

organisational strategy

and response to distress?

Are you looking for wellbeing

 support solutions to enable your staff to respond safely to distress?



The World's #1 Distress Awareness Training Program

Enabling all your staff to thrive (instead of survive) with stress in the workplace.

License Our Programme And Deliver In-House For All Your Staff

A-OK.NZ provides a range of leading wellbeing support solutions (including mental wellness and suicide prevention training). We offer licenses globally eg: Australia, UK, Asia, Sweden, US and NZ.

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A-OK.NZ also delivers a range of suicide prevention, intervention and postvention programmes available both in-house and on a public schedule.

     SCOPETALK          AWARENESS                 CHECKMATE          Suicide First Aid           Growing Forward

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We can run these workshops 

for your organisation directly and tailor the content to suit your organisational suicide prevention and wellbeing workplace policies.


We can also help you write these.



Looking to have your own internal trainers?  

Check out some of our licensed programmes and be a part of our international trainers network on our licenses page.


For more info, email us directly on