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One thing I have come to realise is that mistakes are good, mistakes unveil a deeper sense of who you are.  Imagine if we lived in a world where we never made mistakes, the kind of mindset that would be attached to that kind of thinking, a fixed type of mentality, one that believes that you have made it, you are at the top of your game, you do not need to grow just maintain.  Thankfully mistakes keep us real, they highlight areas of growth, areas of progression, reveal hidden talents, a skill gap, give us a refreshed perspective.  The catch is you have to decide to see a refreshed perspective.

In growing up, I find those that do really well in school, go on to do really well in the careers that follow on from their academic area of speciality, those that did not do so well, I am astonished at how many of them go on to career pathways that seem like offshoots to their progression at school.  Many of them doing really well in their career fields or businesses, most of them finding their vocational niche from their opportunities of exploration, trying new things, making as many mistakes as possible.  

The culture that mistakes are not good can paralyze one from trying new things, saying what is on their mind, exploring  entrepreneurial ideas, thus prohibiting transformation.

Redefining  this may take generations, but it starts with us, the individua.  If we an redine mistakes and see the lessons and encourage people to try regardless of the cost, I mean, it took Thomas Eddison, 9000 failed attempts or 9000 chemistry and physics combos to find the right balance of various science elements to make the light work.

His 9000 attempts, could easily justify saying "maybe this is just not for you" line "so quit while you are ahead".  

His 9000 attemps revealed his resilience, his mastermind to then go on to be awarded 1368 separate and distinct patents in his lifetime,.

However, note to be taken, if you keep making the same mistake and you haven't paid it forward as a lesson to be wiser, more aware, a maker of better decisions, then learn from it while you are ahead.  It's never too late to admit it, learn from it and apply the lessons to open up a whole new you.  Don't be conformed by the expectations of society and others, but be transformed by finding opportunities to renew your mind daily.  Transformation starts with a 1degree shift.  

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