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Community-led Initiatives For Sports 

Ali and his wife Janina Lauiti’iti have partnered with A-OK.NZ as Ambassadors. With over 20 years’ experience in professional sport, they both understand the need for life-supports during ones’ sporting journey and career. 


Their project is to engage and equip Parents/Caregivers/Club Coaches with the necessary tools to manage expectations and develop confidence in being a positive life-support through facilitating workshops across New Zealand for free.  Their in-depth knowledge of the increasing pressure points along a players journey towards professional sports needs to be shared. Janina and Ali believe this needs to be made available as early as possible during their development journey. As parents of 5 children they know there is very little available for parents and families to learn how to support their children along this pathway.  


Ali and Janina want to give back to their community by equipping and educating  Parents/Caregivers/Club Coaches to support their children to become the best they can be, in whatever pathways they choose. 

CUP DAY Initiative 28 June 2019



Janina and Ali's ambassador initiative is called SHAVE THE LOAD.


Janina will be shaving all her hair on June 30th to raise funds to fund this community driven work.  They believe most families want to know how to support their children's aspirations in sports  and raise them up in a life-supporting environment. The funds raised from Janina's hair shaving event will go towards providing free workshops for Parents/Caregivers/Club Coaches to build life-supporting communities across NZ.

Being able to equip families with the skills to support their children during their sports development journey will enable them to deal with challenges like:

1.  Performance and competitive pressures

2. Making rep teams and not making rep teams

3. Injuries

4. Mindset / self talk / confidence / self belief 

5. Isolation / new team assimilation

6. Being the new player in a team

7. Being the older player in a team

Most players overcome these challenges when their life-supports are place.  

Ali and Janina are passionate about equipping families to be those life-supports to enable our upcoming sports players to enjoy and further their careers in this area.

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